Sunday, November 15, 2009

Technology of Our Generation

This article provides statistics about the amount of time other members of my demographic spend with different kinds of technology each day.

Most of the information therein did not surprise me. The chart which provided "product" alongside "average daily hours of use" seemed to be fairly accurate when I considered the people I am familiar with.

As much as it makes me a little uncomfortable to think about it, I probably do spend five hours (or more) on the computer each day. It may not be all in one continuous block of time, but the little chunks of time add up. As for the two and a half hours of television, it does not apply to me, but several of my housemates have their televisions on much of the time while they are in their rooms.

It also discussed the frequency of use of online video sites and how that usage is divided among films, television shows, and other visual formats. In all, it is an interesting collection of statistics that seem reasonable for my age group.

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